Mission, Vission and Goals of the College

College Mission
 The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Palestine Polytechnic University contributes to improving the health situation in Palestine through a specialized scientific and professional staff, various academic programs, and consulting, service and research centers that keep pace with the continuous development in the health sector environment. And preparing qualified medical cadres capable of providing medical services locally, regionally and globally.  
 The vision 
The vision of of the college towards a leading and distinguished college in medicine and health sciences globally.  
1. Belonging.
 2. Collaboration.
 3. Excellence. 
4. Innovation and creativity. 
5. Integrity.  
1. Providing a modern and integrated educational environment that keeps pace with contemporary scientific and technological developments. 
2. Attracting and developing distinguished academic and professional staff. 
3. Contribute to scientific research in health sciences.
 4. Providing students with the necessary competencies to keep pace with the development in the health sector. 
5. Encouraging students towards entrepreneurial work. 
6. Providing and developing programs to reflect the requirements and needs of the labor market. 
7. Providing medical, consulting, technical and information services.
 8. Increase the student's ability to network locally, regionally and globally.


College og Medicine,

Palestine Polytechnic University,

Wadi al-haria, Hebron, Palestine

P.O. Box: 198,

Email: dean-medicine@ppu.edu

Telephone: 02-2233050