Speech of the Dean of the College



Deans message
My students, colleagues, visitors, I am pleased to welcome you to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Palestine Polytechnic University.
 It is beautiful that the ideas and dreams of establishing a medical program and a college of medicine and health sciences have become a reality despite all the difficulties that often face everything new. The southern governorates and the geographical area extending from Jerusalem to Hebron lacked a medical scientific institution that meets the needs of the increasing population density, and therefore Palestine Polytechnic University saw the need to establish a college of medicine and health sciences that serves Palestine in general and the southern governorates in particular.
 The establishment of this college with its four programs: healthy and therapeutic nutrition, occupational therapy, human medicine, and the medical imaging program did not come from a vacuum, but came after an in-depth study of many of the strengths that support its establishment, including the geographical location of the university in major governorates and the presence of health programs supporting the college, in addition to the presence of many government and private hospitals, which will support specialized practical training during the clinical stages. The health programs accredited in this college have been prepared to keep pace with scientific development and modernity in the sciences of medicine and health and obscure .The program of medicine is preparing for WFME accreditation which we hope we will achieve full accreditation in the near future.


College og Medicine,

Palestine Polytechnic University,

Wadi al-haria, Hebron, Palestine

P.O. Box: 198,

Email: dean-medicine@ppu.edu

Telephone: 02-2233050