Clinical Medicine


Skills and Competencies

  1. Medical knowledge.
  1. Basic knowledge
  2. Diagnostic knowledge
  3. Management knowledge


  1. Clinical Skills.
  1. History taking and physical examination.
  2. Clinical reasoning.
  3. Manual skills.


  1. Interpersonal and Communication Skills.
  1. Students should be able to demonstrate the psychosocial skills needed to develop trusting relationships with collogues,  patients and health professionals in the community.
  2. acknowledge patient's accomplishments, progress, challenges. And express caring, empathy .
  3. listen and give patient undivided attention


  1. Professionalism.
  1. exhibit high ethical standards for medical practice
  2. identify ethical issues that arise in the practice.
  3. respond effectively to ethical issues that arise frequently in the practice.
  4. Demonstrate compassion, integrity and respect towards patients, their families and other staff members.
  5. maintain confidentiality
  6. respect patient’s welfare and autonomy


Clinical Training Procedures


Students are trained in hospitals with which training agreements have been concluded in Hebron, Bethlehem and Jerusalem




College og Medicine,

Palestine Polytechnic University,

Wadi al-haria, Hebron, Palestine

P.O. Box: 198,


Telephone: 02-2233050