Health and Therapeutic Nutrition Laboratory

The Nutrition Laboratory has been established since the start of the specialization of healthy and therapeutic nutrition at Polytechnic University since 2015.
The laboratory is used to teach and train students specializing in healthy and therapeutic nutrition, where practical courses (laboratory courses) are taught within the academic plan for the specialization. It is used for some practical training activities for visiting trainers in various activities in the specialization in order to enrich the practical and professional aspects of the students, in addition to carrying out some activities related to projects. Graduation for students. The laboratory also conducts some research activities for faculty members
Among the uses of the Nutrition Laboratory is to qualify students to prepare diets for different age groups and health conditions. Students are also trained to take physical measurements and read body components using various devices.
Among the courses covered in the laboratory are:
  • Medical Nutrition Laboratory.
  • Evaluation of nutritional status.
  • Nutrition planning and management laboratory.
  • In addition to clinical training on case studies and discussion of cases seen during clinical training in various locations, such as hospitals and others.
Laboratory capacity: 25 students


The competencies and skills covered in the lab: 
In the laboratory, students are trained on various skills that fall within the practical activities needed by a nutritionist, such as measuring height, weight, and the thickness of the fat layer under the skin. Students are also trained to use a body composition analysis device.


Targeted students in the lab: 
They are students of health and therapeutic nutrition from different school years starting from the third academic year. At this stage, students begin to study how to prepare and organize different meals for different age groups and sickness cases, and how to deal accurately nutritional with different health conditions.


Courses covered in the lab: 
Courses related to the specialty of healthy and therapeutic nutrition
Major equipment and facilities in the lab: 
The nutrition laboratory contains many tools for body measurements, including “height and weight measurements, arm circumference, waist circumference, and the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer,” such as:
  • Height Scale Stadium SECA
  • Mechanical Scale with Height
  • Skin Fold Calliper
  • Bone Calliper
  • Electronic weight scale
In addition to a device for measuring body components in different proportions, which is a device
Some tools and devices to measure sugar levels, pressure, and heart rate.


Occupational health and safety instructions of the lab: 
  1. Use devices and tools for their intended purpose.
  2. Commitment to wearing a laboratory apron or uniform.
  3. Do not tamper with electrical equipment without prior permission from the laboratory supervisor.
  4. Avoid eating and drinking inside the laboratory.
  5.  Maintain all working areas in the laboratory completely clean.
  6. If any of the equipment malfunctions or is damaged, the laboratory supervisor must be informed of this immediately
  7. Do not use any tool or device without prior permission from the laboratory supervisor.
  8. Do not take any of the devices and tools outside the laboratory.
  9. Close the windows and doors and turn off the lights and devices at the end of each laboratory.
  10. Return each device to its original location after finishing using it.


Lab Team: 

Daad Mahdi 



College og Medicine,

Palestine Polytechnic University,

Wadi al-haria, Hebron, Palestine

P.O. Box: 198,


Telephone: 02-2233050