About College


It is an Academic, innovative and research college that comes at the forefront of medical innovation and contributes to the development of inclusive excellence and human health at national and international level.


The college has special interests in delivering distinguished, academic, research and advisory programs as well as training qualified staff capable of meeting the market needs of specialized competencies in medicine and health sciences.


1. Contribute to achieving self-sufficiency of national staff qualified scientifically and practically to act effectively in the various health sectors with utmost efficiency required in medical workplace.
2. Cultivate professional, clinical and technical skills of medical students and foster their ability to cope with the latest advancements in medical treatments at national and international level.
3. Foster relevant skills, keep pace with the developments of the technical age, and promote students’ vocational and functional ethos. 
4. Aim to improve diverse functional behavioral patterns through field exercises.
5. Aim to raise health awareness in local environment by activating the College activities and welcoming initiatives of relevant institutions or organizations in order to foster public health and environmental concerns.
6. Provide faculty and students with well- equipped educational environment that stimulates excellence and innovation.
7. Reinforce research networking in all disciplines through creative methods and partnerships with relevant bodies in the field of medicine, public health and health informatics.
8. Promote the notion of community partnership with similar colleges in Palestinian and   international universities.
9. Cultivate skillful health workforce through specialized training and educational opportunities intended to meet the evolving needs of the public health system and health informatics.
10. Provide expert consultations and scholastic studies to develop and streamline the health system in Palestine in order to keep pace with different changes and challenges.
11. Integrate recent technologies in teaching and learning.


College og Medicine,

Palestine Polytechnic University,

Wadi al-haria, Hebron, Palestine

P.O. Box: 198,

Email: dean-medicine@ppu.edu

Telephone: 02-2233050